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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its Coming Together....

I am so surprised at the response I have to this project already. In 24 hours Ive received 18 people from all over (including one from Ireland!) who are interested in contributing to The Notebook Journey. You guys are amazing! Im almost done putting the final touches on the notebook, and should have it out within the next week. When Im ready to send it out, I will put all the names of people involved into random.org to create a list for me for the order that it will be sent out.

I also checked shipping charges and if its sent in a priority mail flat rate box, its only $4.95 US and $13 international. For some reason I thought it might be worse and I would be burdening everyone with high postage charges!

So welcome aboard everyone, I plan on being incredibly on top of this and keep everyone in the loop of its progress.

1 comment:

Ashley Reale said...

I loooooove this idea! So excited to follow along as the notebook makes it's little way around the globe :)

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