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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When You Will Get It

Hello followers!

I just wanted to update you that there is a new page titled "When You Will Get It" with a list of the cities, states and the dates the notebook is anticipated to arrive. Of course this will change with every time it goes international, since delivery time will vary.

If you check it out and see your town on there more than once, feel free to send me an email to clarify which one is you.

Have a good week!


Just Breathe said...

That's awesome. Can't wait!

Rebekah said...

I was wondering about this yesterday! It was like you read my mind. My address probably will change before I get it (it's in 2 years, and my husband will be finished with school) so I'll let you know.

Karina said...

2012..I'll probably forget by then but it will be a nice surprise! Maybe you can do another notebook another time, but have people send pages to you, that way it can be done in a couple months. =)

Matty said...

Great idea. Thanks.

Kadeeae said...

I'm due in 2013!!

Never been one for being very good at patience, this will definitely be a test! =)

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