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Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions 

I know this seems steep for shipping, but after almost losing the notebook and it getting damaged, I need to have each person ship it this way - please :) If you are unable to afford the shipping and confirmation, please let me know ahead of time. This sounds bad, but if you cant ship it with these instructions, I cant have you participate in The Notebook Journey.

Medium Flat Rate Box
Domestic Rate: $10.70
International Rate: $13.00 - $18.00

Please also add delivery confirmation, its an additional $2.00 or less.  Please email me the tracking number so I can check its progress.

If possible, stuff the box with newspaper to ensure the notebook doesnt get damaged in transit.


Send it in a PADDED envelope with enough room around the edges of the Notebook so that it doesn't accidentally rip during shipping.

I prefer option one, but I know it may be asking too much. But I would really appreciate it if you added delivery confirmation.

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